Faster EFT Video Series 23/10/2013 to 15/12/2015

Here’s a series of videos I created a couple of years ago when I first began my Faster EFT Journey in 2013.  Which might I add was as series of synchronicities that can only lead me to believe that I am definitely on the right path.  I hope you get something positive out of them.  I cannot stress enough the power of learning how the Mind Body Connection work, how it is real and cannot be ignored if you want to excel in and master the human experience.

1. Tara Talks About Fear

In this video I talk about fear and how it can paralyze us, and that there is a way to work through & release your fear even long after events have passed using different healing modalities including my favourite, Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations).

2. Pain, Persistence, Honesty & Peeling Back The Layers

I wanted to share a bit about my journey to alleviate physical pain using the Faster EFT techniques.

3. The Basic Faster EFT Tapping Relaxation Technique

As promised in my last video, here is a most valuable technique to use in the heat of the moment when something out there triggers something inside you and makes you feel anything less that good. By using this technique you will over time automate your ability to change your reaction to seemingly negative circumstances, you will begin to feel better and better and better and better.

4. Faster EFT – The Power of Perception

I made this video before Christmas but seems I accidentally forgot to post it, so here it is now with a belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

5. Faster EFT – Basic Tapping Technique – How To Do It

I made this tapping video to clarify how to use the basic Faster EFT style tapping process in the moment as life happens and triggers you to feel bad. Once you get a handle on this, it will really change your life for the better. You are so powerful, once you learn personal mind control, you will be unstoppable, but you must learn it and put in the effort to use it, without using it, it means nothing. So let’s get to it!

6. Faster EFT – It’s All You Doing it to You – Taking Responsibility

I hope you enjoy this next video. If you’re ready to take responsibility for your own well being, you’ll definitely enjoy it. My hope is to deepen your understanding of how the tapping itself works it’s magic. How stuff out there is not making you feel bad, more so how what you hold onto inside of your mind simply gets triggered by what’s going on out there. How learning to interrupt negative thought processes can help you shift to a more positive thought process that in turn will make you feel better.

7. Faster EFT – Practise Being Happy with The Happy Journal – Affirmations

Being truly happy is a valuable skill as much as any other valuable skill, and to get really good at it, it must be practiced; if you’ve practiced being angry, sad, or depressed then the likely hood is you’ve become very good at being in that state. The Happy Journal is a valuable resource. When you use the Faster EFT techniques, you need at hand good memories to help you break out of your negative states of thought (trance states) and put yourself into positive states of thought. Thoughts do create how you feel of that there is no doubt.

8. Faster EFT – The Structure of Belief

Your beliefs are not set in stone, they are completely changeable, upgradable, beliefs are just programs like on a computer. They become outdated, instead of letting your old beliefs run you, take control, use Faster EFT to help you do this. Love Always, Tara xxxx

10 – Faster EFT – Going With The Flow – Always Another Lesson, or a Repeat Lesson

If you believe something is hard, then it’s hard, if you believe someone is horrible, then they are horrible, if you believe someone is beautiful, they are beautiful. Belief is a funny thing isn’t it? Who would have thought that you could actually uncover your unconscious beliefs, and then change them to something which gives you a better result. And it’s not as difficult as you might at first believe. Ha ha! Brilliant!

11 – Faster EFT – Shine a Light on What You’re Running From – Now is Your Moment of Power!

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