Learn to Massage

Welcome to our School of Massage, Self Development and Professional Enhancement…

Introduction | $250

From the comfort of your own home, you can begin anytime. We welcome beginners and experienced therapists to this online introduction to Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage. If you’ve never massaged before, it is the perfect place to begin, especially if you’d like to dip your toes in before committing to a live training course. You will walk away with a beautiful 45 – 90 min back body routine to share with family and friends. Experienced therapists who already treat customers will be able to add this as a part of their offering. Along with massage technique, we cover topics including Hawaiian Healing Philosophy, Clinic Awareness.

Heartworks Level 1 | $975

Heartworks Level 1 Practitioner Certified live training also invites beginners and experienced therapists. This training is a 4 day full immersion into the world of massage and specifically Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. It takes what you’ve learned in the online introduction to a whole new level. One reason is that you get to receive approx 6 hours of massage during the training! You’ll walk away with a full body 90 min to 2 hour routine to share with the world, you receive a certificate and academic transcript so you can gain professional insurance to practice publicly. And beyond that, you’ll walk away revitalised with a fresh outlook on life.

Heartworks Level 2 | $1180

Heartworks Level 2 Advanced Bodywork is for those who’ve fallen in love with the practice of Heartworks Lomi Lomi. On this 4 day full immersion experience we take you deeper into the body and into yourself. Your potential to share deep healing with others is expanded with the practice of using hot stones as a part of the massage flow, deep tissue techniques, deep belly and heart clearing massage, along with a variety of other techniques, stretches and managing emotional release. All this experienced in a safe environment where you’ll learn more healing processes over and above what you’ve learned during the Heartworks Introduction and Level 1.

Private Couples 1 Day | $499

The art of conscious loving touch to share with your partner in life. This one day private training is for one couple only. Julian and Tara are dedicated to helping couple’s reconnect and reignite their relationship through this beautiful and flowing Couple’s Connection Massage. It is based on the Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage style. Couple’s will walk away with not only a new skill to share with each other but also techniques to enhance their relationship, improving communication skills, meditations and processes to heal self and each other. The focus during the one day training is a full back body routine with some front body techniques.

Private Couples 2 Days | $999

The two day private Couple’s Connection Massage is an expanded version of the one day offering. Couple’s walk away with a full back and front body routine along with everything mentioned in the one day course. The two days can be back to back for visitors to the area or can be split into separate days for locals. When we heal our relationship to ourselves and the ones we love, we heal our family, our communities, our work places and in turn we heal the world. Tara and Julian cannot express enough how important this training will be your overall sense of wellbeing. It will transform you on every level of your being and this will flow out into your life.

Indian Head Massage | $250

Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient traditions of Massage and the Ayurvedic System of healing that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. This holistic Massage style has been practiced for centuries and possibly thousands of years in communities and family homes. It is a healing treat from mind & body. It invigorates the scalp promoting healthy hair and can reduce stress & headache. This massage is carried out fully clothed sitting in a chair. Our 1 day training is for absolute beginners and experienced therapists who want to have some fun trying something new and walk away with a gift to share with family, friends or customers.