Our Story

Our story began with Tara in 2014.  As a one woman band, she massaged from her spare room at home until an opportunity arose to rent some space in town.  The Stanthorpe Community fell in love with this Polynesian style of massage, bodywork and healing.  Before long Tara launched the massage training project.

More than 50 students have travelled through our training program so far and a few have come to join our team. All are unique, dedicated and fantastic bodyworkers.  As a team we are the Granite Rock Stars (AKA the Conscious Touch Collective).  Would you like to Join the Conscious Touch Collective and learn to massage? Absolute beginners right through to professionals in the health and wellbeing arts are welcome.

Our mission is to heal the world. To awaken individuals to their value, greatness, purpose & passion. To help people feel better about their day, themselves, their bodies & life. Through our work we assist people in dealing with the myriad of life’s challenges, physical, mental and emotional, ultimately by facilitating you in shifting the heavy or negative energy that’s weighing you down. Yes! One massage can work wonders and regular massage will give back to you that lost vital positive energy. Visiting our massage table is to remember that you deserve to feel loved and supported, by yourself and others.

Conscious Touch Collective Project ~ School of Massage, Professional Enhancement and Self Development works in harmony with Mind Body Synergy as they share a similar message.  That all living beings are truly valued and supported to achieve their fullest potential and soul expression in safety and with love.  We support their mission and their offerings to help make the world a better place for all.

We are currently a team of three. Tara, Julian and Justin. We welcome you into our Haven of Hawaiian style healing massage and philosophy to enhance life