History of Ka Huna Massage

Ka Huna bodywork also known as Ancient Hawaiian Temple Massage, Kahuna Massage or Lomi Lomi originated in the South Pacific.

There are claims (such as ancient) as to when this form of bodywork originated but in truth it is hard to say.  What we can say is that it’s origin in it’s modern form was created by Abraham Kawai’i.  Abraham, a native born Hawaiian Kahuna, brought Kahuna teachings to the non-Hawaiian Society. He modified the methods to suit contemporary western consciousness, to enable anybody to grow awareness of self and all.

Abraham has since passed away and how fortunate the world is that his work continues.

There is sometimes confusion about the name of this massages style.  A Kahuna and the separated words Ka Huna mean different things.  Over the years Abraham Kawai’i shared this massage form with many in the west and asked them to take it to the west and teach. Some went on to do this and to coin their own names for the practice.  You see a Kahuna in the Hawaiian culture means a Master of Tradition.  There were, in old times, Masters of many different arts, and of course there were masters of healing and massage.  The Kahuna Lomi Lomi were/are the masters of massage. Lomi Lomi means to massage in Hawaiian language  We feel it’s important to know that no-one, who is not of true Hawaiian lineage can claim to be a Kahuna no matter what or how much they have trained, because the term is for the Hawaiian Masters of the Hawaiian Arts. Others may have a different opinion.

The Ka Huna Massage we share is in no way suggesting that we are Kahuna, separated into two words the meaning now becomes The Secrets. We as Ka Huna bodyworkers are messengers of some of the old wisdom in the form of Conscious Healing Touch. We are passionate about how some of this wisdom could positively affect any living beings’ life and how it may positively affect the evolution of our whole family on earth and beyond.

Abraham Kawai’i had many messages of wisdom, one of the most profound being about the importance of family. Not just the family unit but the greater family too. He suggested that beyond our family unit, our family extends to our communities, including all nature, animals, trees, even what we might consider inanimate objects such as rocks. Even our homes, as in physical houses, cars, and other things. All the way up to the macro planets and down to the micro, every cell of our being. It’s all family.

Our Ka Huna Massage we share with you was learned through Mette’s Institute of Massage and Personal Development. There is a lineage story as to how Mette came to be one of the teacher to pass it on. We’ll save that story for another time.

We are grateful to Abraham Kawai’i and to Mette Sorrenson for passing on this gift to us and the world which is in so much need of healing, and to be more specific, healing touch.

Please enjoy the video’s below to help you know more about Ka Huna Massage directly from Kahu Abraham Kawai’i. You will even get to witness him in action giving massage if you watch to the end.