Hot Stone Lomi Lomi Massage

Hot Stone Lomi Lomi Massage

Now at Mind Body Synergy in Stanthorpe, QLD, 4380, Australia


I trained this beautiful addition to the Hawaiian Massage with Sue from of Melbourne, VIC, Australia & I highly recommend this training.

When the stones speak, the body listens.  Hot Stone Massage also know as Hot Rock Massage dates back thousands of years.  It is an ancient art and is possibly one of the most deeply relaxing massages you can experience.  The heat penetrates deep into the muscles improving circulation, calming the nervous system and is highly recommended for anyone experiencing stress or anxiety.

Here is me & my 50 Hot Stones just hanging out. They are all washed up. Cleansed & ready for my next Beautiful Body. Full of sun & moon shine. All the elements make the Lomi Lomi Hot Stone Massage simply Divine!

50 Basalt Hot Stones. Hard to believe they can all get used in one massage! Well a 2 to 3 hour massage.  Loving the after effects of this beautiful body work and so perfectly blended with Ka Huna & Lomi Lomi Heartworks. Simply yummy!


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