My Ka Huna Story – The Short Version

My Ka Huna Story…

After working for nearly two years working as a Therapeutic Life Coach using the Faster EFT Healing System for both myself & my clients, my personal level of confidence & clarity has grown so much that almost completely out of the blue I decided I wanted to learn massage.

Growing up I was never very comfortable with my own body, I spent many years at school hiding my body and I absolutely hated getting changed in front of other people for Physical Education etc.

As I grew older I had such painful thoughts & feelings against particular areas of my body.  Little did I know that this was all a part of the process I needed to undergo in order to fall in love with my body and appreciate it and respect it for the magnificent earth suit that it actually is.

One of the many aspects of the Faster EFT Healing System is the incorporation of an ancient Hawaiian Healing Process called Ho’Oponopono.  I was fascinated by this process and use it often personally and in my practice.  It is no wonder that I was then naturally drawn to Hawaiian Bodywork & Massage and I am so pleased to bring this Polynesian Healing System again coupled with Ho’Oponopono to my clients with whom I can work fact to face.

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