Meet The Team

Tim is a Zenthai Shiatsu Massage Therapist. A floor based, fully clothed practice combining North Thai massage (passive yoga) and Zen Shiatsu massage from Japan. Treatments combine techniques inc. passive stretching, lymphatic drainage, facia release, deep holds and acupressure. Great for joint and back mobility, organ vitality & reducing stress. Sessions are tailored to suit your needs with deep & soft pressure. He brings extensive knowledge of Okido Yoga from Japan. When receiving a Zenthai Shiatsu session, ideally you will wear comfortable clothing like for yoga or exercise, long pants or leggings and long sleeves are preferred. Consider bringing some socks to wear if you generally feel the cold. As you relax more throughout the treatment your body temperature may lower.

Justin brings to the table a deep care and love of helping people feel good. His touch is a perfect blend of soft and deep tissue work. He creates a feeling of being nurtured and honoured. His massage style will have you feeling completely at ease. Justin is a natural with his hands, as an organic farmer of veges, fruits and flowers, his magnificent and gentle hands will not only tend the earth, they will also tend to you through the healing art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.

Tara’s journey into massage began in 2014, she’s dedicated to her passion, helping people understand the Mind Body Connection, how to gain optimal health & happiness. Her mission is to share self development tools and life skills that will aid you to live a more satisfying and joy filled existence. She specialises in the Hawaiian style of Body Work and EFT Emotional Freedom healing Techniques. She is a dedicated teacher of the Hawaiian Massage style.

Julian began his journey into massage quite unexpectedly in 2014. At this time he was studying Carpentry & working in that field. After attending his first Ka Huna Massage training, purely for self development purposes, he returned home a changed man! Realising massage, more specifically Hawaiian Massage and it’s healing philosophy were to become a major part of his life, & life’s work. He brings to the table deep & soft tissue techniques, along with a gentle & nurturing massage style.