EMR & EMF Protection

What are EMF’s?

EMF stands for ‘electromagnetic field’ or ‘electromagnetic frequency’.  They are invisible lines of force that emanate from electrical or wireless devices. Technology is everywhere; in fact, it’s inescapable for anyone living in our modern world.

An EMF is a force field around an object, created by an electric charge. This electric charge, a combination of electricity and magnetism, affects the behaviour of objects within its field.

Mobile or cell phones, computers, cars, jets, microwaves, stereos, and other electronic equipment are just some of the many devices which emit some degree of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF).

We feel renewed when we immerse ourselves in the natural Earth’s Magnetic Field.  We can all feel that healing resonance when we are in nature. Our bodies tend to respond by naturally relaxing. We experience a greater sense of peace and balance.

But our bodies consider these man-made EMF’s as enemies invading. Because of this they create what’s known as “subliminal stress.”  In many ways we experience this stress without even knowing it.  We just accept the affects  as typical reactions to life.

Electromagnetic waves are made from the movement of electrically charged particles. These electromagnetic waves are known as ‘electromagnetic radiation’ because they radiate from those electrically charged particles. In a typical environment, they can go through air, empty space, and most other substances.

There are many frequencies and even some of the Earth’s frequencies don’t agree with our body.  They create an incoherence, or chaos in the body.