Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations)

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Created & Founded by Robert G. Smith

Faster EFT is combined perfectly with other techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis.  Faster EFT believes there are no broken people, that in order to have a problem you must be doing something correctly to manifest and produce whatever it is that bothers you. Even though you are the ultimate creator of what happens in your life, the cause of all your problems is not actually you, or them, but your perceptions and emotions.  For example…. you think of something that makes you feel good, and you feel good all over…. you think of something that makes you feel bad and….. yep you guessed it…you feel bad all over.  Both thoughts are a creation of the mind which you did all by yourself, and whatever you think about your body will follow.  When we feel it in the body, it feels real.  You store all your life experiences in your unconscious memory, not only visual memories but all your senses, taste, touch, sound and smell.  Your past experiences (and your emotional response to them) dictate how you see the world and how you react to everything (that happens to you).

Tapping & The Meridian System

The meridians are the fine wires that conduct the electricity to the subtle body.  The Chinese have known about the meridian system for several thousand years.  They mapped it out way ahead of us.  If you stick a conductive pin in one of those points it helps to stimulate the meridian system and encourage energy flow.  The meridian channels also pertain to different parts of the body.  You can create this same stimulation with heat, sound, light & percussive tapping on your own body.

The Mind & Body are not Separate
This is the circuitry that your electricity flows on, your life force.  When you’re tapping, what you are actually doing is creating an interruption in the mind body communication system.  It’s your thoughts firing off an electrical message in your brain that is being sent to your body.  There is a feedback loop between the body and the mind.  When you tap on the meridians, you create a disruption in the message and this creates relaxation in the body & the mind which then shifts perception at the same time.  Your mind and body are not separate, they are a complementary, working together as one.  To treat them as separate doesn’t make any sense.  The question is are we using this natural and constantly occurring mind body connection to our advantage or disadvantage?  Whatever you think, your body follows.  Whenever you think about a memory, you drift off into a state where you feel as if you are re-experiencing the experience, as if you were there again, this is a type of trance, a hypnotic state of mind, we tap to interrupt the negative states of mind whilst re-enforcing the positive states of mind.
“Not only must we feed our body with good quality healthy food, we must also feed our mind with good quality healthy mind food too.” Tara Atkinson

Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations) is an effective relaxation technique that enables you to take control of your emotional reactions to challenging situations.

It also enables you to look back at challenging events that occurred in your past, and make peace with the memories in a way that you weren’t able to at the time (because you didn’t have the skills, until now!).

Faster EFT is simple and easy to learn as a personal healing & self help tool for everyday use.

It can also be elaborated on with the help of a trained practitioner who will know the use of many tools and techniques that are part of the complete Faster EFT Coaching System.

But, as a self help tool, only a basic understanding is required to receive benefits.

Faster EFT is a perfect blend of many different healing modalities, primarily utilising an understanding of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Trance work & Hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Tapping & Be Set Free Fast, plus many more.

It is true that we all have problems, and it is true that some of us have techniques to help resolve some of those problems, and it is also true that for the majority, these techniques are either not known, or are too difficult to learn.

Faster EFT changes that, it is so simple to learn and so effective, that anyone can learn it and receive the benefits almost immediately.

After that, simply a little persistence to actually use it when challenges arise, as Robert G. Smith (the founder and creator of Faster EFT) would say “Faster EFT is a bit like toilet roll, extremely useful, but only if you use it!”.

There are many systems of belief or trains of thought and different ways to look at the world.  I understand that we all think differently and I respect that.  I do my best to keep an open mind to all forms of healing and I have tried and researched many different modalities to find ways to heal myself.

With Faster EFT though things are kept very simple; working purely with emotions, feelings, how the human mind works & the mind body connection that occurs constantly. These techniques will work for you & do not interfere with your other interests, hobbies and beliefs, except to enhance everything as you go about your life feeling much more relaxed.

Faster EFT is for anyone who wishes to enhance their life experience and feel lighter, happier, more at peace with themselves and the world around them.

“Only you have the power and the prerogative to change you mind, I can help you with a process that works time and time again, you will be amazed at how simple it is.”  Tara Atkinson

The system I use is The Faster EFT Belief System

Firstly, you are not broken, there is nothing wrong with you, you are working perfectly to produce results.  Results that either serve you or don’t serve you, probably a mixture of both, results that maybe served you once upon a time, but don’t now, you’ve out grown them.  You are a perfect results producing machine.

The root of all your problems is that you were born, had you not been born, you would have no problems.  So what does this really mean???

Our life experiences begin from the moment we are born, it is those experiences that get recorded in our memory banks.  As more and more experiences occur, more and more information moves from our conscious mind (conscious awareness) into our unconscious mind sometimes called sub-conscious mind, here it all gets stored as memories.

The mind is like an iceberg…

10% is our conscious mind…
This includes:

  • Willpower
  • Analysis & Planning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Short Term Memory
  • Judgements & Decisions

90% is our subconscious mind…
This includes:

  • Beliefs & Habits
  • Emotions
  • Patterns of Behavior
  • Automatic Body Functions
  • Cellular Memory
  • Creativity
  • Values
  • Identity
  • Self Confidence
  • Protection
  • Resistance to Change
  • Long Term Memory

You could also refer to the memories stored in our unconscious mind as programs.  A good example would be learning how to walk or drive a car.  At first we had to utilise our conscious mind to think about how, then we practiced it over and over until it became programmed into OUR sub-conscious mind where it plays or runs like a program, when necessary.

We create our personal model of the world, from this collection of memories.

Our point of view is completely unique and contains lots of information from the memories we hold including emotional patterns, beliefs, how too’s (i.e. how to act in different situations to keep us safe), all this information helps us build a perception of who we think we are and how to interact with each other and the world.

Our mind then communicates directly with the body, based on our perception of what is going on, which is built from our memories; this will trigger the body to respond to our perception.

A good example here would be to consider if we saw a bear in the woods, we would probably get the hell out of there, the reason would be a programmed response of fear (fight or flight) due to having been in the experience before and having a memory of it, or having been told/warned about the consequences, therefore having an imagined memory of what might occur.

Had we never experienced a bear, or been told what to expect if we encounter a bear in the woods we would not have that program and therefore we would have a different response.  Important NOTE, it is now understood that the mind doesn’t differentiate between a real threat and an imagined one.

So with this understanding we can safely say that our perception is actually what causes our problems and that the way we see things directly affects how we feel, which in turn makes those feelings real in the body.Remember, two people can witness the same event and tell a completely different story of what occurred including having a completely different set of emotional reactions to the event.  As they tell the story of what happened, they will most often feel the emotions again, as if the event were occurring again.Our body is constantly having physical reactions to what we perceive, what we hold in our mind, and both our body and mind aren’t fussy as to whether there is a real threat happening in the moment or if it’s just being thought about consciously or unconsciously.

The body’s reaction isn’t the problem either, more so it is an expression of what is being perceived in the mind.

You are successfully producing something, a result, based on what your mind perceives to be true.

The memories stored in our unconscious mind can be referred to as programs, just like programs on a computer.  When you learn how to install, uninstall and repair or patch the programs to run how you want them to run, you’ll have control of your system and it will run effectively.  As you install, uninstall and repair the programs in your sub-conscious mind your life will change because you will now see the world from a deliberately created perception that serves you.

You will no longer be a victim to rogue programs that you didn’t know were there, or knew where there but didn’t know how to clean up, rather you will choose how you want your system to run.

Faster EFT is the most effective, fast and simple to use tool that I have found to achieve this.


Faster EFT is based on truth, what does this mean?  Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Australia, England, Africa or Hong Kong, if you are an American or Scandinavian, if you are a Christian, a Muslin or non-religious, it simply works with the human mind, how we hold information in our unconscious mind, and how we can use our conscious mind to directly communicate and program the unconscious mind with stuff that serves us to get better results in our life.  Simple as that.

The Faster EFT Belief System cont…Before you were born, the stage was set (an environment existed with cultural and family dynamics into which you were born).

“They”, your caregivers, already had their skills, emotional skills, and their problems before you arrived.

Birth, you are born into the world and its environment!

From “them”, you develop coping skills and perceptions.

From experiences, the child; you, develop a self identity within your mind.

From this identity, you, the child begin to operate within the world.Therefore, all seemingly problems are metaphoric expressions (memories) built from our experiences, metaphoric expressions which create our perception, our personal point of view of the world.  But at the conscious level we do not understand why.

At some point in life the world gives us some belief as to “why we have problems”…  There are many different doctrines of belief as to why good and bad things occur, but for deep inner changes we use what is absolutely true everywhere no matter what your other belief systems.

Tara & Robert G. Smith in Melbourne 2013