My Story With EMF Protection Pendants

EMR & EMF Protection by eWater Health Emporium

What are EMFs?  Very simply put, EMFs are electromagnetic fields—invisible lines of force that emanate from any electrical or wireless device. There are basically two types of EMFs: low frequency and high frequency. Low frequency EMFs are emitted by our electricity and appliances. High Frequency EMFs (also known as Radio Frequency or “RF”) are generated by all our wireless devices. Our bodies experience man-made EMFs as invading enemies. So they create what’s known as “subliminal stress.” We experience this stress without even knowing it.

We all feel that healing resonance when we’re out in nature. Our bodies tend to naturally relax. We experience greater peace and balance. We feel renewed. That’s because, in nature, our bodies are immersed in the earth’s electromagnetic field. Our goal at eWater Health Emporium is to support healthy harmonics and relieve stress from man made EMF & EMR frequencies. There are many frequencies and even some of the Earth’s frequencies don’t agree with our body. We have a wide range of products to aid in protection from all aspects of cellular interference.

About 7 years ago a very good friend was visiting me in England.  As we chatted one day I mentioned to her that when I was on my mobile phone I could feel what I could only describe as electricity zapping my brain.  At the time I had and iPhone 1 or 2.

As you can imagine, she was quite shocked and not long after that conversation she presented me with a gift.  It is that exact gift that I would like to share with you here today, because since wearing it I don’t get the problem anymore.  Thank goodness!

EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant with FREE EMR Cellphone & Computer Patch

It is also true that since my conversation with my friend I also make sure to use the phone on speaker or headsets where I can.

Now I don’t want to alarm anyone, in all honesty it seems that even though this electromagnetic radiation is considered somewhat dangerous, everyone will have their own unique stress reaction to them, their own electromagnetic frequency sensitivity.  For me personally it was simply a feeling of my brain being zapped.  Other people have little or no reaction, some people have very severe reactions.

I believe that EMF protection products or electromagnetic radiation protection is an important aid for thriving in today’s EMF filled environment.  They help create mind body synergy which is very important for anyone wanting to achieve personal mastery.  They create coherence in the mind body system while EMF’s themselves cause chaos in the mind body system.  Wearing an EMF Protection device cancels out the chaos.

EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant

Most people now have at least a mobile phone and so cell phone emf protection or mobile phone emf protection at the very least is vital.  More and more studies are being carried out into EMF Radiation  & EMF Radiation Protection.  I reckon the mobile or cell phone companies & other emf producing companies could  be ethically bound to produce their products with in built emf protection devices.  I mean seriously!  It’s a no brainer.  But in the meantime there are other options.

The one my friend bought me always catches people’s eyes.  It is really attracted and made to look a little like moon stone or opal.  The EMF Protection technology is inside the stone.  It’s discrete which means I can wear it with any outfit both hidden or as a center piece.


My pendant came from whose specialty is Water Filtration & Harmonisation as well as EMF Protection for yourself and home

You can read about Fred Van Liew, the founder of eWater, his mission and his work here –

Combo EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant with FREE EMR Cell Phone & Computer Patch

Here’s a link to the specific product my friend bought me.  It’s a Combo Deal…

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EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant

You can also get the pendant on it’s own which is discounted at the moment but I reckon get the patch too

EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant
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1 x EMR Cell Phone or Computer Patch

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