Pain, what is it really all about?

I have had this chronic pain in my neck & shoulders and it’s been around on and off for about 6 years.  At first I thought this pain was a purely physical thing.  But I had all the tests and the doctors couldn’t find a thing wrong with me, and that is a good thing right?  But the pain is real, I feel it, that much I know.  Only after about 5 years did the penny drop.  I had learned to manage this pain fairly well by doing yoga regularly & avoiding work at computers (which is what I had blamed as the cause of my pain).  One day a friend came to visit and she was talking about the subject of racism.  When she mentioned racism, this pain just re-appeared intensely after having been present but negligible for about a year since changing my line of work.  This was my first introduction to the now obvious fact that the body expresses what the mind holds.  My friend had triggered an emotional reaction in me, I was angry and my body expressed it immediately.  After a week of this pain returning, I investigated EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  I tapped for an hour and expressed a lot of emotion from my past including anger and resentment.  The pain went away.  It returns every so often and I get the opportunity to explore my sub-conscious mind to see what I’m holding on to from my past that no longer serves me, old thinking patterns, limiting beliefs about myself and the world around me, and all that stuff that gets stored in our unconscious memory from birth till now.  The pain returned today after I put myself out there in a video on You Tube, interesting as I was overwhelmed with fear of what others might think about my video.

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