Mystery Illness ~  Found Your Answers Yet?

Do you sometimes feel that you’re going round & around in circles searching for health answers?  Has it been ongoing for so long that you’re lost & confused about which symptom belongs to which label?  Have you been to 10’s, if not 100’s of Health Practitioners & still live on a daily basis with chronic or acute physical, mental &/or emotional pain?  Has this completely turned your life upside down?

Mysteries can sometimes be intriguing, even exciting , creating a feeling of adventure, life is full of  mysteries, but when you add the word illness for instance, it becomes not such an attractive mystery let alone adventure.  Mystery symptoms and illness is not something that people generally get excited about, these symptoms often hurt, sometimes so much that even functioning on a day to day basis in what might be considered a normal way, becomes near impossible without the help of other people or drugs for example.  Also generally we want to know why things are happening, and more importantly how to stop them happening, especially the more unpleasant things.  Cause and effect makes sense, if I know the cause, maybe I can do something about this effect.  Some challenges are more black and white, less variables, for example, “I’ve broken my leg, I know how, I fell, I know why, I fell awkwardly when I was rushing around”.

But for mystery illness symptoms it’s not quite so straight forward.  How do you stop something that you don’t understand or know how or why it’s even happening?  Well that is the tricky part isn’t it?  “I fell off a ladder”, here it’s clear what’s happened, and for broken bones, Dr’s generally know what to do about it.  There is a cause, effect and a solution presented very quickly.

I wish we could say that Mystery Illnesses are rare.  Unfortunately millions of people are challenged with mystery symptoms daily.  From generic labels like Depression, Anxiety, Low Back Pain, Headaches & Migraines, to terms like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Thyroid Disorder, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Celiac Disease, Insomnia, Depression and even the scary diagnosis of Cancer in it’s many forms.  Investigating symptoms for answers why, to then reaching a resolution can be exhausting & overwhelming.  While some find successful outcomes quickly, for many it takes many months or years, but they do get there eventually, unfortunately though, for others, the search is too much & they literally give up, accepting their ills as their fate, but does it have to be that way?

When symptoms are so confusing & all over the place, some sufferers hear that heart wrenching statement, “It’s all in your head”, or “You just need to think more positively”.  For someone experiencing very real pain, it’s so disheartening to hear “There’s nothing really wrong with you, it’s all in your head”.

But what if there is no obvious physical cause?  What if the true physical cause hasn’t even been discovered by medical science yet?  Where do you go from here?

At Mind Body Synergy we believe that the human body is an outstanding piece of finely designed equipment, that has the power to do a phenomenal amount of moment to moment tasks that keep you alive.  We’ve all witnessed this but generally take it for granted how amazing it actually is, I’m talking about how even when cut, sometimes extensively, the body knows how to put itself back together, to heal itself by rejoining muscle fibers and skin.  Or even broken bones, sometimes the human body can heal completely.  The body is an intelligent design, it automatically breaths for you, pumps blood around you, feeding and hydrating different parts of you, your body has organs and glands that have very specific and extremely useful roles that they play, your body really is not silly.

And it has so many other complex systems that just work without us even really knowing that they are there and happening.  When given the right environment to heal, the body will heal.  It can even heal viruses and other infections if it’s given the right support.

Creating The Right Environment To Promote Healing

Start narrowing the variables…

The Physical Body

From a physical perspective, when we are sick and exhausted with Mystery Symptoms where no answer or solution has yet been found, it is crucial to start cleaning up our physical environment, this means our food and water intake.  Is the food and water we are taking in clean?  Also where we sit and sleep.  Do we even get sound sleep?  What chemicals and toxins are we exposed to?  Are we engaged in enough physical movement, or too much?  What is happening in our relationships?  Are they toxic in some way?  In order to have a healthy body we do need to consider the above.

The Mind

Whether or not an obvious physical cause has been found, we cannot dismiss psychological, emotional or dare I say spiritual causes that could be at play here?  And how on earth do you even find out what they are?!!!  Well believe it or not there are ways.  There are so many ways to explore this, some marvellous people have even written books on the subject and they can be a very good place to start this investigation.  A few we can recommend are:

Louise Hay’s – Heal Your Body or You Can Heal Your Life

Caroline Myss’s – Anatomy of The Spirit

Inna Segal’s – The Secret Lanuage of Your Body

Annette Noontil – The Body is the Barometer of the Soul

When you have narrowed down some specific emotion or thought pattern that you suspect is contributing to your illness, the next step is to replace it with something else that’s not as destructive.  Let’s take psoriasis for example.  I have read that the psychological aspect of this disease is not taking responsibility for oneself and blaming others.  So if this sounds like you, and believe me you will know if you suffer from psoriasis even if you don’t know that you don’t take responsibility for yourself, then the appropriate response would be to start taking a little or a lot more responsibility for yourself and be mindful to not blame others for the trouble you get yourself into.

We don’t mean to sound harsh, psoriasis is a very real and uncomfortable issue to live with, as are the other issues mentioned here, especially when its been going on for years but if we take seriously the possible physical remedies and implement them, coupled with this idea of taking responsibility for the psychological and emotional stuff too, both what came before the Mystery Illness or Symptoms, &what came after it began, maybe, just maybe there is an avenue that could lead to somewhere positive.  The most important thing is to never ever give up, which does require a certain level of positive thinking, yes we agree, and you may have to fake until you make it, at least for a bit until you get a win, like a notable improvement, even if small, but whatever you do, never ever give up.

Even if it is a bit difficult to see what is causing an illness, physically or psychologically, maybe it isn’t difficult to see why we get them.  Is it possible that there are environmental causes that are extreme and hard to avoid, like a toxic environment, or viruses not even yet discovered by medical science, is it possibly there to get us to take a good look at ourselves and to stop our self defeating behaviours?  To blame others or something else for our problems is probably more than warranted in many situations. People and circumstances can be highly distressing, annoying and destructive.  But the whole deal of blaming someone or something else is self defeating in that it can be used as an excuse for not taking any productive steps to improve your situation.  Especially if you don’t even attempt to stop it or  them, if indeed they are or it is ruining your life.  To just continue to blame them and get more and more unwell and resentful is counter intuitive.  If however you look at your part in what is happening,  you become empowered and able to change your life as the only person you can really change is yourself.

At Mind Body Synergy our specialty is Ancient Hawaiian Massage & Healing Principles along with Stress Management Coaching, we take very seriously the belief that your healing journey can be a successful one if we consider the mind, body & emotional parts & pieces.  We work diligently with you & your other Health Practitioners to find solutions, but remember, it may mean some changes need to be made, and maybe that’s a part of what your healing journey is all about.  Your very real symptoms might just be your body’s way of trying to tell you something.

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Co-Written by Tara & Jase

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